Friday, October 7, 2011

October 7th, 2011 - LKQ Wallisville

As of 10/07/2011:

88 300TE Light blue/Grey MB tex
91 300E Black/Parchment MB tex
84 300D turbo Brown/Palamino LEATHER
86 190E 2.3 Army green/Parchment LEATHER
91 300E 2.8 Brilliant silver/Grey MB tex
80 300TD non-turbo White/Blue MB tex - Intact 3rd row seat! (pic below)

82 BMW 633CSi Grey/Red

Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 26, 2011 - Wallisville LKQ

Some euro and C123 parts available today.  It's a scorching hot day today (96*F) so I only went to Wallisville.  This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday they're having a Half Price special on everything for Memorial Day.  The lady at checkout told me that a line forms every morning so don't bother going early.  I'm guessing that if you arrive at 10 the line should be clear and it won't be as hot as the afternoon (highs in the mid 90s all weekend).  Anyways, the list:
  • 2 or 3 W123s, all turbodiesels. One an 83 in Manila Beige. One with 2 W124 15" 8 hole wheels on the rear axle.
  • 1 C123 300CD nonturbo (81) towards the back.  Blue MB tex interior with some good parts still there.
  • 1 W116 450SEL US spec. Light blue with cream MB tex interior.  Steel wheels with hubcaps.
  • 2 W126 300SDs, one with a resprayed black exterior and a set of Euro headlights.  One headlight is average with some pitting and partially corroded reflector and the other is poor with stone chips in the lens and a crappy reflector.  The other 300SD has a set of 16x8" 8 hole wheels found on 500Es and early R129s.
  • 1 Euro Gen 1 500SEC with the engine intact.  Petrol blue with black leather interior.  Manual climate control, sunroof, ABS, both euro bumpers intact, US headlights, and no trunk triangle.  1 US and 1 euro taillight.  Set of 4 16x8" ET11 mesh wheels in fairly good condition.  See pictures below.
  • 1 W124 E320 1995.  Metallic (Forest?) Green with parchment leather interior.  Only 136k on the clock (needles still orange too).  It's a special edition so it has leather interior (in poor condition), burlwood, upgraded stereo (now gone), and the 15" Special Edition wheels (only 2 remain).
  • 1 W124 260E late 80s.  Petrol blue with cream MB tex interior.
  • 4 or 5 W201s, all gassers, in both 2.3 and 2.6 variants.  At least one was a later model with the lower body cladding (a 93 2.3 in metallic green). 
Here's the 500SEC with the 16" mesh wheels:


I'm making this blog to alert other Houstonians about cars available in our local junkyards, primarily focusing on old Mercedes-Benz vehicles.  Almost every time I've gone to one I've found some sort of Euro, AMG, or simply rare goodies in one or more of the cars.  This is a way to let others know what's out there so they don't waste a trip when the car they want isn't there.  It's also a way of alerting others of rare goodies that should be snapped up quickly before vultures devour the car.

The two main junkyards are LKQ Wallisville and LKQ Northville.  You can see a list of prices on their website.

If you go to any junkyards and have something to contribute, please feel free to submit it and I'll post it here.  My email is on my profile page.