Thursday, May 26, 2011


I'm making this blog to alert other Houstonians about cars available in our local junkyards, primarily focusing on old Mercedes-Benz vehicles.  Almost every time I've gone to one I've found some sort of Euro, AMG, or simply rare goodies in one or more of the cars.  This is a way to let others know what's out there so they don't waste a trip when the car they want isn't there.  It's also a way of alerting others of rare goodies that should be snapped up quickly before vultures devour the car.

The two main junkyards are LKQ Wallisville and LKQ Northville.  You can see a list of prices on their website.

If you go to any junkyards and have something to contribute, please feel free to submit it and I'll post it here.  My email is on my profile page.

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